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Sunday: 12PM – 6PM
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Our Fun Center

At Kids Play & Cafe, we purposefully designed the space to offer parents constant peace of mind. We aimed to enable parents to work on their computers while actively monitoring their child. Within this meticulously crafted environment, you'll find not just peace but also relaxation. Furthermore, our dedication to maintaining a clean and secure setting is evident in our extensive range of offerings, such as soft play structures, tunnels, slides, and imaginative play areas.
Our commitment to providing a fully equipped play yard stems from our desire to create opportunities for children of all ages to exercise, play, and explore. As the exclusive indoor soft play children's entertainment facility in the Upstate area that offers a comprehensive family-friendly experience, Kids Play & Cafe truly stands out. Our fully engaged staff is unwavering in their dedication to maintaining a safe and meticulously cleaned environment daily. Prioritizing sanitation, we conduct multiple rounds each day and ensure full visibility through continuous surveillance monitoring during all open hours.

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