Kids Play and Cafe


At Kids Play and Cafe, our food and drink options cater to both kids and adults alike. Whether you’re seeking wholesome snacks or indulgent treats, our menu has something for everyone. Moreover, our drink menu features an assortment of handmade sodas, refreshing hot beverages, and specialty coffees, ensuring that every visitor can quench their thirst with a delightful sip. 

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Our Fun Center

Kids Play & Cafe was purposefully designed to provide parents with peace of mind regarding their children's whereabouts. Furthermore, our aim is to offer parents the freedom to work on their computers while readily keeping an eye on their child. Within this thoughtfully crafted space, you'll find the utmost assurance and relaxation. To maintain a clean and secure environment, we will provide a diverse range of attractions, including soft play structures, tunnels, slides, and imaginative play areas. We're committed to ensuring that our play yard is fully equipped to offer children of all ages the chance to exercise, play, and explore to their heart's content.
As the sole indoor soft play children's entertainment facility in the Upstate area to offer a complete family-friendly experience, Kids Play & Cafe takes pride in its fully engaged staff. We make a firm promise to uphold a clean and safe environment, implementing thorough daily sanitation routines. Alongside this, we prioritize full visibility, and a surveillance monitor will be in continuous operation during all open hours.

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